ISM Compliance and the digital world

In the ever changing superyacht industry, ISM compliance is becoming increasingly more dependant on digital platforms to enable Captains, management and crew more tools to keep on top of their safety and compliance responsibilities.

Defect Log added to Seahub’s Growing Platform!

Unplanned breakdowns are costly recurrences on all superyachts. With an established maintenance plan in place the quantity of breakdowns can be significantly reduced. However, it is inevitable that some slip through the cracks. Seahub’s defect log gives users another tool for managing the life of your machinery and a central place to log, track and close out defects onboard.

How to manage your Vessel Maintenance Log

Whether your an owner of a 250ft superyacht in the Caribbean or the owner of a 75ft Riviera here in Australia, the one thing they have in common are both vessel require routine and regular maintenance in order to operate smoothly.

Fleet Maintenance with Seahub

Sea Shepherd Global’s ocean going vessels have recently made the operational switch to Seahub to manage all fleet maintenance for their 4 direct action vessels. The Seahub support team have worked closely with the Australian based fleet manager and vessel engineers to transition from using spreadsheets and paper based records to a multi-platform digital solution.

New Build M/Y Sosa Splashes with Seahub

After an extensive build phase Chief Engineer Edward Robertson finally had some time to breathe and bring us in to implement a planned maintenance system tailored to their build. After spending time onboard in late May with the M/Y Sosa crew, we caught up with Edward to see how Seahub is working out for him.

How SEAHUB fits into AMSA National Standards and Regulations

The Australian Maritime Safety Authority, also known as AMSA, is clamping down on legislation and regulations in the Australian marine industry. With these positive changes in mind, the team at Seahub have adapted to the changing environment in the Australian market to ensure vessels have the best PMS tool available to satisfy their Safety Management System (SMS) and maritime law.

Why Marine Surveyors recommend Planned Maintenance Systems

Implementing a planned maintenance system (PMS) onboard serves more than just a tool to create your maintenance plan. The aim of implementing a PMS is to create a safer and more reliable vessel, extend equipment life and reduce running costs through the effective application of preventative maintenance.

Lab reports go interactive with Seahub

If you are on the front foot with preventative maintenance, you already take and analyse oils samples frequently. Seahub is changing the way these lab reports are reviewed and providing a more interactive and informative mechanism to display these often complex pieces of data.

Safety Training – A Chief Officer’s Perspective

Safety training and reporting is paramount to a vessel’s operational integrity and the overall safety of the vessel, crew and guests. This month we caught up with Chief Officer, Archie Berrow, of a 60m motor yacht to give us his invaluable insight into managing drills and safety reporting onboard.

The Superyacht Engineer Learning Curve

The decision to pursue a career as a superyacht engineer requires a commitment to learning a vast array of skills and principles. What is common throughout all superyacht engineers is at some point we all had our first day. The point at which our learning curve started.

How Seahub is used onboard a 40m superyacht?

July is #Seahubexperiment month where we will demonstrate first hand how Seahub is used onboard a 40m superyacht. The aim? To show you how Seahub is used on a daily basis as part of effectively managing an engineering program onboard a busy yacht program.

Yacht Engineers build Seahub

The latest yacht maintenance software on the market was the result of two yacht engineers and mates who often got together on a Friday night to chat about the week that was.