Manage warranty periods for critical and non-critical equipment onboard. Easily view which equipment is still in warranty and have quick access to all warranty claim information including correspondence, images and service reports. An ideal tool for a new build!

View which components are in and out of warranty

Taking delivery of a new build means we have a lot of warranties all running simultaneously. We use Seahub's Warranty module to track all individual warranties and is key staying on top of a lot of moving parts during commissioning.

- Captain, 30m Ferretti

Great tool for new builds

Warranty management is a crucial part for any new build or after a new piece of equipment has been added. Seahub’s Warranty module gives greater insight for Engineers, Captains and yacht managers into your warranty status for each component and potential claims.

  • Attach warranty certificates to individual components
  • Manage warranty claims
  • Upload images in your warranty image gallery
  • Generate reports for warranty claims and submit to management & manufacturers
  • Manage new builds with a greater piece of mind

Keep all your warranty certificates and claims in location

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