Unique to Seahub! If you take oil samples on your equipment, you need Fluid Analysis. Simply send your oil sample results to us and we produce an intuitive set of charts so you can better understand your results against OEM recommendations and thresholds.

Locate lab reports quickly for all critical equipment

The Fluid Analysis module has made tracking and trending our regular fluid sample results easy. The graphs make a simple visualization which speeds up chart evaluations for my busy fleet.

- Brian Race, Fleet Manager, Sea Shepard Global

Monitor Trend Histories

Taking regular oil samples goes a long way understanding engine condition and provides an opportunity to spot potentially dangerous trends before they results in catastrophic break downs. 

  • Manage engine oil, gear oil, hydraulic oil and coolant lab reports
  • View historical charts that display your data as supplied by the lab
  • Compare results against manufacturer alarm limits and thresholds
  • Use trends to gain a great understanding of engine condition and performance

Turn lab data into intuitive charts and enhance your oil analysis program

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