Seahub Fleet is a user-friendly fleet management software for the superyacht and commercial marine industry. This innovative system has been designed for managers who require oversight and centralised control of their vessels and crew. Seahub Fleet is scalable and provides the necessary management tools to ensure vessels remain properly maintained, organised, and compliant.


  • Designed for all marine applications including superyacht, commercial and recreational fleets
  • Complete oversight of vessel activity via a centralised dashboard designed to provide quick access to vessel, department and user information
  • Manage users and set permission levels to authorise the add, edit or deleting of content or set users on a view only access
  • Coordinate 3rd party contractors and create work orders
  • Assign tasks to specific crew, contractors or other technicians
  • Manage equipment, maintenance, routine checklists, daily logs, orders and defects across the fleet
  • Create a documents database of OEM manuals, system drawings, invoices and other vessel related documents
  • Manage ISM / SMS compliance including drills, fire & life saving checklists
  • Manage engine room rounds, equipment warranty periods, and oil analysis programs
  • Plan yard periods including scheduling of upcoming tasks, organise contractors and track costs across projects

Seahub Fleet Dashboard

Seahub Fleet is an essential fleet management software for yacht management companies and commercial fleet managers looking to centralise processes and improve efficiency.  Seahub’s design supports all marine applications from private vessels, patrol vessels, military fleets to commercial fishing fleets and tugboat operations. Manage all aspects from maintenance, routine checks and logs, as well as tracking inventory, certificates and major projects.

Seahub Fleet has been designed by marine engineers who have collaborated with industry professionals across the entire marine landscape to develop a modern, all encompassing approach to fleet management.